Ultra Galaxy Fight: New Generation Heroes (ウルトラギャラクシーファイト ニュージェネレーションヒーローズUrutora Gyarakushī Faito Nyū Jenerēshon Hīrōzu)
Ultra Galaxy Fight: New Generation Heroes is a Japanese online television miniseries produced by Tsuburaya Productions as a spin-off of Ultraman R/B the Movie and prelude to Ultraman Taiga. This miniseries was released on September 29, 2019 on YouTube in both Japanese and English versions for viewers overseas. As its name suggests, it features the previous New Generation Heroes (Ginga to R/B), Ultraman Zero, Ultraman Ribut (known from Upin & Ipin) and Ultra Brothers (Ultraman to Taro), battling against the League of Darkness (暗黒軍団ダークネスDākunesu).

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