Kamen Rider Drive Saga: Kamen Rider Brain

(仮面ライダードライブサーガ: 仮面ライダーブレン Kamen Raidā Doraibu Sāga: Kamen Raidā Buren)
Brain awakens and finds himself kidnapped by an evil organization named Mu (無 Mu, lit. nothingness), whose primary aim is global conquest. Chosen for his high IQ, his body was rebuilt and he was about to be brainwashed when the process is interrupted. Brain is rescued by Professor Crystal Peppler, the scientist who rebuilt his body, and notes that the latter’s face and voice seem familiar. As Brain discovers a transformation driver in his possession, the two are confronted by the members of Mu for Peppler’s apparent betrayal of the organization. Brain transforms into his Roidmude form and fights but is seemingly thrown off the building to die when he returns again shortly after, having transformed into a Kamen Rider.

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Translator : Kak AO
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Episode 01

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